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Best Brand Storytelling Services Company In India

Best Brand Storytelling Services Company In India

Looking for best storytelling services company in India? Contact us now.

If you want to attract the largest possible audience to your brand, tell them the story of its creation. A skillfully composed story can be a very compelling competitive advantage. InnovationMotive is here, being a best brand storytelling services company in India, will help you to create best story for your brand.

After all, choosing between an unknown to him and a famous brand, the buyer is more likely to give preference to a familiar company. A compelling story will give credibility to the advertised product. The winner in this competition will not only be the trust of the clientele, but also her money.


story11The secret is simple - the story arouses in the reader's confidence in the company. This technique has been around for many years and all the most famous brands managed to take advantage of it. With the help of a skillfully written story, the company stretches a thread of trust between its marketing department and the consumer audience.

If you have something to tell about yourself, the listener will definitely appear. At the same time, the right start is half the success. Not interested in the reader from the very first lines, you can lose his attention. A good start is an invitation to dialogue because friendly communication always attracts by itself.

Scientists have been able to reliably establish: our brain needs different stories. Various narrations, intonations, the timbre of the narrator’s voice, the lexical component of speech - all this excites not only our senses but also stimulates the brain. Those who like to listen to stories or read them are capable, in their imagination, of living the events described. Interesting the reader, you tune it to your wave.

We at InnovationMotive as a best storytelling services company in India, explain it in more detail. The activity of the cortex of the listener coincides with the activity of the cortex of the narrator. This works to attract the target audience. It is convenient for a person to perceive the information submitted in the form of a story. It passes through consciousness and awakens intuitive trust. The author mentally comes into contact with the future reader, trying to gain his interest.

As a best brand storytelling services company in India, our 5 simple recipes will help you write a really cool story about your brand.


bstThe brand’s history cannot be said to be a selling text. A good text must have an author, or a storyteller - the one who will voice his audience, associatively entrenched in the minds of the audience next to the name of the company. Examples of this mass. For example, the Apple brand in our minds is firmly connected with Steve Jobs.

A working brand story will never become static. Together with the company, it will develop, describing new milestones of success. We at InnovationMotive as a best branding services company in India are used to trusting people, not a faceless product.


To speak in simple and understandable language about complex things is very difficult. But that is how your story should sound. Try out of a thousand words to choose those few dozens that can convey the main idea clearly for each buyer. There are three points to focus on:

  • The task.
  • The method of solving it.
  • Success.

Actually, you can stop here. If too many details are included in the story, the reader may lose the main idea behind them. Brevity is the sister of talent, remember this. Practice convinces us of the truth of this thesis. You can love lengthy expositions and find a taste in high-style literature, but you do not need to set out the history of the brand in this way.

Describe the problem that the company solved with its creation. Tell us why the problem was so dangerous. Show the selected method of troubleshooting. Show the reader what benefits he will receive by choosing your product. Emotions will not be superfluous if they help to draw a really beautiful and attractive picture. Do not forget to finish the story beautifully. You can not break it off at a glance. The final must directly imply the development, even greater success of the brand. Then the reader will be interested in reading your text and telling others about it.


ystyuHistory should answer the question: what prompted the founders to create a company. It is not necessary to say that the main motive was to make money. Such an answer is too obvious, it lies on the surface and is of no interest to anyone. Any business is created to make money - this does not surprise anyone.

Tell InnovationMotive which is the best branding services company in India about the idea that inspired you to create just such a brand. The higher the stated goal, the sooner the audience will respond to it. You should not forget about uniqueness, therefore, do not copy the ideas of competitors. Choose your special purpose.

A good example: the history of the French cosmetic brand Yves Rocher. Buying certain goods from its assortment, the buyer knows: part of the profit will be spent on the fact that somewhere in the world 1 tree was planted. Caring for the environment and wildlife is exactly the global idea that has attracted the attention of a millionth audience to the brand.

There are not too many such examples, but all of them tell about success. If a customer can help someone solve a global problem, they tend to have confidence. If you sell a product, you often hear the question: “Why should I buy from you?”. Having shown what global goals you set for yourself, you will persuade a person to make a purchase more than once.


Everything the company does is done for its customers. This is what you need to focus on the history of the brand. The main message: we are exactly the same as you - our customers. This does not work just like attracting an audience, but also makes it clear to the reader: the company works for him.

A well-thought-out story necessarily contains several points that show the company's connection with its clientele. The brand story should resonate with the people to whom it is addressed. So you can show your guides to readers and tune in to the same wave with them.

If the story created can be reflected in the target audience, then it will become the basis for long and successful cooperation. You will achieve your goal.


When the audience likes your work, she willingly participates in it. Allow this to your customers for their money. A good example: an interactive theater show. Spectators not only buy tickets and watch the performance, but also become part of it, and moreover, it is active. The impression of such a performance is much brighter, therefore, such performances are always sold out. Someone is experiencing acute emotions from communicating with artists, someone is dreaming about the stage himself, someone is happy to touch his idol.

Allowing the client to add the history of his company, you thereby give him the installation for long-term cooperation. For example, suggest a section on your website where customers or customers can talk about how your product or service made their life better. Replenishment of this section will certainly affect sales in the most positive way.

Everyone who agrees to tell their story has much in common. All of them decided to choose your brand, which brought an excellent result. Each story published on the site is additional proof of the usefulness of the company, its relevance.


It is not enough to write an interesting text, it must be correctly presented! There are proven tricks to achieve popularity. On the one hand, history itself works for the company's popularity. But customers will want to share a fascinating story with other people.

Work out your personal brand. If you yourself are interesting, or your employees, then the brand will be interesting.

Use social networks. Good stories spread in them at the speed of a fire. Reposts, “likes”, comments are the tools of your success. While working out the effect of presence, the brand image is firmly entrenched in the minds of the audience.

Tell the story of the brand everywhere. Make yourself part of it and become a part of digging yourself. Use the power of history to reach new levels of business communication. Use the story in your own portfolio, in your biography, as well as in publications on social networks.

Encourage your audience to share brand information. Feedback is an extremely effective sales tool. Clients are well aware of their problems and will be happy to use a ready-made solution. All positive stories must be recorded on your website and in a variety of marketing materials. When your story will be heard everywhere, the brand will reach a qualitatively new level of its development. Help well-developed storytelling to be in the right place at the right time, use mass media.


Sincerity and passion in the story is the main secret of a cool story. Your audience should experience strong emotions after reading. After they start talking about you, retelling what they heard, and expressing their opinions, your brand will take its place in the minds of customers, crowding out competitors. Contact us today, remember we are the best brand storytelling services company in India.

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